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Our vision of impact

Creating accessible finance and transparent markets, driven by technological expansion, so that more and more people become part of a sustainable future.

Towards an integrated sustainability strategy

Our lines of action are based on three pillars:

1. Access and inclusion in the capital market.

2. Contribution to the socio-economic development of the region.

3. Climate action and sustainable finance.


Find out how, from Matba Rofex Group, we continue to create long-term value, incorporating sustainability in management and transforming the way we do business:

Report 2022-2023

Report 2021-2022

Report 2020-2021

The positive impact of the markets

After multiple financial crises, the markets understood that the sustainability and stability of the financial system are two interrelated objectives. Our main contribution to sustainability is particularly linked to risk management and forward pricing.

Thus, we understand that a sustainable development of the capital market implies meeting the multiple needs of those who participate or could participate in it, so that the market grows following best practices, in an environment of trust, transparency, competition, and responsible investment.


In order to boost the transformative power of the capital markets, we have been an observer member of the Sustainable Exchanges initiative since 2020.

We are part of the FIAB Sostenible group, whose mission is to promote and develop sustainable finance in Ibero-American stock exchanges and capital markets, fostering their interactivity and thus contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

MtR Social

We promote financial and tech education and inclusion:

  • We want more and more people to be able to benefit from the capital markets. And we know that spreading and educating in finance is the way to achieve it.
  • We promote skills for the future by providing access to the opportunities presented by the digital economy.

Main Initiatives

An initiative that seeks to train new traders specialized in futures and options. It offers a community experience with people who are just getting to know the world of the markets and want to learn from those who know the most.

Together with ByMA, MAE, MAV, Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, and Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario, we organized this series of talks for high school students. We seek to awaken interest in Capital Markets, savings an

The Matba Rofex Foundation executes initiatives that seek to maximize the impact on society from what “we know how to do”, trying to incorporate a logic of reciprocity that goes beyond the charitable link of donation of funds.

MtR School is the educational project of Fundación Matba Rofex. Its objective is to foster research, development and training in derivatives markets and to promote financial inclusion.